Why Choose DICE™

Chemical Dosing Systems for Municipal & Industrial Applications

Your Chemical Dosing Solution

A leak-proof chemical dosing system allows for a reliable and efficient process, providing a better environment for employees.

A simple system makes it easier to troubleshoot problems in the event of an emergency as well as simplifying the work of the operators.

An efficient and reliable dosing system helps in reducing needs in maintenance, constant repairs and replacement. 

Enhanced Reliability

  • No threaded or glued connections for a leak-proof system which minimizes downtime and the costs of:
  • Operation
  • Replacements
  • Repairs
  • Damages to the facility
  • A back pressure valve that allows for constant chemical output while also serving as a reliable check valve

A Simplified and Compact System

  • A compact design resulting in minimal footprint
  • A one-box product (skid in a box) which makes it easy to support and replace
  • An intuitive design that simplifies the operation of the system:
  • Minimal fluid volume to ease system pressurization
  • Troubleshooting within seconds
  • Vertical configuration to avoid gas lock condition

Easy Selection, Purchase & Installation

  • A standard design that suits any system
  • No tools nor expertise required which makes it easy to retrofit
  • Reduced time of installation
  • A fully assembled and tested module shipped within 48 hours*
*For urgent requests, on all currently stocked DICE™ dosing modules

What Customers Think...

“DICE™ helps me avoid these repairs while minimizing risks of exposure to chemical products for employees.[…]”

City of Carignan

“The DICE™ system combined with DcPac dosing panel [...] significantly reduces the risk of leaks and makes the job much easier and safer for staff [...]”

City of Metabetchouan-Lac-a-La-Croix

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