Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of wetted parts material to comply with all the different chemical applications.

All the DICE™ products are designed for a maximum pressure of 250psi.

Yes. We designed the DICE™ DS and DM with 3 auxiliary ports to install a variety of accessories such as: pulsation dampener, pressure transmitter, dilution/transport water, etc.

Yes. The auxiliary ports on the DICE™ DS and DM allow you to install secondary pumps (1 pump duty / 1 pump stand-by).

Yes. We provide replacement kits for all the components.

We currently have over 50 installations operating in Canada.

Here are the standard materials:

Block material:

Acrylic (PMMA) or PVC

Parts material:


Valve seat material:


Diaphragm material:


Seal material:


Yes. We offer all the DICE™ with PVDF wetted parts. We carry a certain quantity in stock, but it can be made to order.

Yes. Contact us to request the standard specification sheet.

 Check out our DICE™ DS/DM Overview Video. DICE™ ES video coming soon.

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You can also visit our Product Page or Contact us for more information.

It stands for “Dosing Injection Chemical Equipment”.